The Verti-Crete Walling System provides an attractive alternative to traditional architectural wall construction. Verti-Crete Walling is the perfect decorative wall solution for any residential, commercial or public utility development, from a one-off decorative walling structure to a complete housing scheme boundary wall solution to a large scale road side walling project.

The Verti-Crete Walling System provides a double-faced natural stone look. The Verti-Crete Walling texture was specifically designed to blend in with typical housing landscapes.



Unbeatable Cost Savings:

Due to the significantly reduced labour and equipment requirement provided by our precast solution, the Verti-Crete Walling System offers huge financial savings compared to the traditionally built architectural walls.

Faster installation, reduced material storage, longer lifespan and minimum maintenance or repairs makes the Verti-Crete Walling System the most cost-effective high-quality natural stone effect offering on the market.


Architecturally Appealing:

Keeping in mind that our walling system is designed to replace the traditional methods used for the construction of walls, Verti-Crete have designed a stylish yet robust, hard wearing precast walling system with the look and texture of natural stone. Our solution is designed to be flexible to the architectural needs of the domestic residential schemes as well as large areas such as roadside walling projects.

The realistic masonry pattern has been moulded from the actual stones and masonry techniques they represent and creates a consistency in a large-scale wall project that no other product can offer.

Many residential developments prefer a combination of solid walls and railings. Our Verti-Crete Walling System can be combined with the installation of railings to enhance the decorative landscaping.



Speed of Construction:

The rapid installation process allows for reduced and measured time benefits as well as substantial cost savings. A small installation team assisted by an excavator can comfortably prepare the groundwork for up to 100 metres of walling on day one of a project.

The Verti-Crete Walling System requires only isolated pad footing at the piers, minimising the groundwork required.

After the concrete pads have set, the installation team can install up to 200m of pillars and piered wall panels in a day.


Robust Construction:

Each robust, hard wearing precast panel is steel reinforced providing a 100 year + lifespan. Each element is tough enough not to be affected by denting, corrosion or fading from UV damage, harsh weather and seasonal climate changes.


Range of Sizes Available:

The precast wall panels are available in a range of heights from 0.6 metres to 2.5 metres. The panels are available as full height solid walling, providing a protective barrier or a tasteful combination of walling and railing for a classical visual effect. The precast pillars are designed to create a seamless structure.


Variety of Uses:

  • Privacy walling – Getting an attractive and affordable stone privacy wall used to be a trade-off. The expense of custom masonry can be prohibitive to many, while affordable alternatives like vinyl fencing, wood or chain link don’t deliver the durability or desired appearance.

  • Public/Commercial Utilities – Verti-Crete Walling offers very cost-effective long-term value to publicly funded projects. Our walling systems are the ideal solution for high volume perimeter walling for electrical substations, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and other facilities. The safety benefits, durability and aesthetics of the property’s perimeter will be enhanced and secure for a lifetime with little or no maintenance required.

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